Research and Development

“Innovation is the lifeblood of manufacturing in the U.S. and an integral part of our ability to succeed and create jobs in an increasingly competitive global economy. In order to maintain our mantle as the world’s leader in manufacturing innovation, the U.S. must consistently reinforce its commitment to the R&D tax credit.”

Jay Timmons, President & CEO
National Association of Manufacturers

Coalition's Legislative Objectives: The objectives of the R&D Credit Coalition are: a strong, permanent R&D credit of commensurate rate for all companies and an increase to 20 percent for the Alternative Simplified Credit.

The R&D Credit Coalition is a group of trade and professional associations along with small, medium and large companies that collectively represent millions of American workers engaged in U.S.-based research throughout major sectors of the U.S. economy, including aerospace, agriculture, biotechnology, chemicals, electronics, energy, information technology, manufacturing, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, software and telecommunications.

For more information about the R&D Credit Coalition, please contact Toska Gamble, NAM PAC Coordinator, at (202) 637 3000.