While American inventors and innovators continue to set the standard for the rest of the world, maintaining that competitive edge requires strong commitments from the business community and government policymakers. Our nation’s laws should reflect our collective desire to develop the best and most advanced products throughout all economic sectors. As members of the R&D Coalition, our chief objective is to ensure that the U.S. tax code provides ample incentives for businesses to invest in the research and development of new products and ideas.

We believe that investments in research and innovation pay significant dividends for our nation’s economy, including increased growth and the creation of high-paying, high-skill jobs.

We believe the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) should include strong incentives for research and development expenditures on the part of U.S. businesses.

We believe that to efficiently encourage investment in research and innovation, the IRC should include both a robust R&D Tax Credit and a means for companies to efficiently expense such investments.

The members of the R&D Coalition represent millions of workers in all sectors of the American economy. We are committed to ensuring that the United States remains a good place to invest in and expand innovative businesses.